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Strengthen Your Programs With the Rotational Movement Training Method

Jun 22, 2017

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This new tool's unique design makes it extremely versatile, effective, and accessible to everyone.

As the fitness industry continues to evolve, so must the equipment used by trainers and group fitness instructors. Many popular fitness classes and small-group training sessions feature traditional cardiovascular and weight training principles integrated with functional and flexibility training techniques. The growth and popularity of quick and efficient HIIT and total-body workouts have created a growing demand for innovative products that inspire new functional exercises and movement patterns.

The Rotational Movement Training® method can improve strength, rotation and ambidexterity, because it’s designed to be used on both the dominant and nondominant sides of the body. The RMT® Club is the perfect device to introduce RMT into a functional training program.

The RMT Club’s unique design not only makes it extremely versatile but also allows everyone, from fitness enthusiasts to recreational athletes, to use it in a wide range of exercises—from mobility to strength and conditioning. The RMT Club is portable, adaptable and extremely versatile, like other functional training favorites (kettlebells, battle ropes and resistance bands). But these additional features put the RMT Club a step above:

  • Flexible, durable club head. Built to absorb maximum impact when the user is training on padded surfaces. Also reduces the chance of injury, and limits wear and tear on the facility floor and equipment.

  • Strong, ergonomic handle. Allows for multidirectional swings to enhance an individual’s range of motion. Built to withstand high-intensity exercises, as it enhances rotational movement strength in all planes of motion.

  • Internal shifting weight. Filled with shifting weight pellets to create dynamic resistance. Allows the club to act as a counterweight and facilitate a shorter transition between acceleration and deceleration.

  • Comprehensive programming. Comes with a training DVD that includes detailed instructions for 21 foundational exercises to target the total body. Also includes FREE online access to additional videos and sport-specific workouts.

Being strong in strong positions is easy—but being strong in weak positions is a necessity for complete functional strength. The RMT Club builds the strength, core, mobility, coordination and agility needed to improve the performance of every client.

IDEA Fit Tips, Volume 15, Issue 7

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