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Supper clubs in friends’ homes are all the rage these days, according to a recent article in Cooking Light magazine. The trend toward communal cooking may be a reflection of the increase in exotic cuisine or simply a way for busy people to enjoy the bounty of good food and good friends. Whatever the reason, advocates of this easy entertaining style say it is a fun way to try new recipes and experience different foods with your own inner circle of family and friends.

Here are some simple ways to unite your favorite foodies and start your own local supper club:

  • Use the Internet to find people in your area who might want to join a supper club; try food-oriented bulletin boards or click on www.CookingLight .com, which features a list of sources by region. Alternatively, post a message at a local cooking school or culinary supply store.
  • Keep the numbers manageable; experts suggest limiting membership to 6–10 people so that the group is large enough to cover unplanned absences but small enough to fit in the average person’s dining room or kitchen.
  • Hold your first meeting at a public venue, like a coffee shop, to discuss how often you will meet; how hosting duties will be filled; and how you will organize the cooking and cleanup.
  • Decide on a hosting schedule; then determine if one person will serve as the point of contact for the other members to coordinate future meetings.
  • Rotate hosting duties; generally, the host chooses the dinner theme and provides the main dish, while the other members contribute a side dish or dessert.
  • Consider assigning food themes for the first several meetings; for example, try an Italian night or focus on Asian fusion foods.
  • After the group has met several times, you can see if the members prefer more exotic fare or have specialties they would like to contribute at future meetings.

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