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by Diane Lofshult on Oct 01, 2006

Confused about the merits of margarine versus butter? Uncertain if you should buy a cooking spray instead of shortening squeezes or spreads? Worried about trans fats in sticks of margarine?

To help you navigate the breadspread aisle, here is a list of some of the healthiest products on the market. Nutrition Action Healthletter gave each of these either a “Best Bite” rating (contains no more than 1 gram [g] of harmful fat [saturated and trans fat] per tablespoon) or an “Honorable Mention” (contains no more than 11/2 g of harmful fat per tablespoon).

Margarine Tubs & Squeezes (All Best Bites)

  • I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Fat Free
  • Promise Fat Free
  • Smart Beat Smart Squeeze
  • Fleischmann’s Light
  • Benecol Light
  • Take Control Light
  • Country Crock Plus Yogurt
  • Brummel and Brown Made With Yogurt

Butter Tub (Honorable Mention)

  • Land O’Lakes Light Butter With Canola Oil

Cooking Sprays (All Best Bites)

  • I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter
  • Parkay
  • PAM (1-second spray)
  • Crisco (1-second spray)

Source: January/February 2006 Nutrition Action Healthletter.

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