Speed Demons

by Joe Dysart on Nov 01, 2005

Technology By Joe Dysart Speed Demons Get back in the Web's fast lane with the latest utilities. QuickCleanTM, by McAfee (www.mcafee.com/us/) ($24.95) One of the most prominent PC software makers, McAfee has been making products like QuickClean for years, with outstanding results. This little gem essentially goes on "space patrol" inside your PC, eliminating every performance-slowing file it can find. Specific file types that don't stand a chance of survival include unnecessary programs, files and folders; cached Web pages; browsing histories; cookies; old attachments; unneeded ActiveX controls; and drags on your registry--a core component of your system. QuickClean also has a "shredder" feature, which permanently wipes away files that you never, ever want to see again. If surfing the Web these days feels more like running cross-country in a wet jogging suit, it's time to tweak your PC. The following programs will do just that--make your Web-cruising experience faster, more productive and more enjoyable. TuneUp Utilities

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