Spanning 25 Years: IDEA and Fitness Industry Milestones 1982-2007

Spanning 25 Years: IDEA & FITNESS INDUSTRY MILESTONES 1982-2007 1984 1982 Peter and Kathie Davis found IDEA, and the first IDEALetter is sent to a membership of 300. Reebok designs and mass-produces a shoe for high-impact aerobics. Jane Fonda releases her first workout video IDEA holds its first international convention in San Diego to a sold-out crowd. The first edition of IDEA's magazine, Dance Exercise Today, is published. 24.4 million Americans participate in aerobics (National Sporting Goods Association). Study indicates that improved fitness reduces risk of hypertension (Institute for Aerobics Research). Leonard Schwartz, MD, writes Heavyhands: The Ultimate Exercise, prompting the trend of using hand weights in exercise classes. IDEA becomes the national sponsor for the American Heart Association (AHA) "Dance for Heart" charity events. IDEA is proud to be affiliated with a cause that helps people and provides a vehicle for IDEA members to promote their classes and encourage their students to be active in a worthwhile event. 1985 1983 IDEA membership grows to 3,000. The first National Aerobic Championships are held. Study indicates that aerobics may be just as beneficial as jogging (Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise). Peter and Kathie Davis establish the IDEA Foundation (now known as the American Council on Exercise) to provide certification for aerobics instructors. IDEA's first regional representatives are voted into office, and the first state representatives are appointed. The fitness industry's first awards are presented at the IDEA International Convention. A deluge of aerobics attire invades the sportswear and mainstream markets (Women's Sports and Fitness). Studies show that weightbearing exercise may help prevent osteoporosis and bone loss (Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise). Increased injuries in aerobics classes prompt instructors to offer low-impact aerobics as an option. Study examines injuries and offers advice on prevention, including the importance of wearing proper shoes (The Physician and Sportsmedicine). The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists releases formal guidelines for exercising during pregnancy. July

IDEA Fitness Journal , Volume 4, Issue 7

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