Smart Kitchen Tools

The cleverest kitchen tools are rolling off the shelves this year. Here are a few to sink your teeth into, as described by the editors at Parade magazine.

High-Tech Refrigerators. These cooling marvels now feature built-in LCD monitors that allow cooks to watch TV, surf the Internet and send e-mails while toiling in the kitchen. At least one offers a collection of recipes you can view as you cook and will even give you the latest weather outlook for your region.

Self-Cooking Ovens. Remember when self-cleaning was a novelty in ovens? With the latest products, you can pop a meal in the oven when you leave for work, and the oven will keep the food refrigerated until it is time to switch from cooling to cooking. You can even call or e-mail your oven from work to revise the start time if it looks like you will be home later than planned.

Hands-Free Kitchen Tools. The latest soap dispensers and trash cans operate hands-free to ensure that fewer germs are spread during cleanup.

Smart Scales. In addition to simply weighing food, these new scales can calculate its nutritional value, including the protein and sodium content.

Automatic Spice Racks. These racks mount under your cupboard and dispense precisely measured teaspoonfuls of your favorite spices.

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May 2007

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