Side Leg Lifts

by STOTT PILATES on Jul 27, 2009


Begin side-lying in a straight line with your head resting on your bottom arm. Rest the Fitness Circle® resistance ring on the floor with both feet inside the circle.

To prepare, inhale...
exhale   tighten abdominals and press top ankle against Fitness Circle
inhale   release tension on Fitness Circle

Complete 5-8 repetitions.


Target Muscles: transversus abdominus to compress abdomen and stabilize umbo-pelvis region; deep pelvic floor to aid in firing transversus; abductors of top leg concentrically to press against circle, eccentrically to release; obliques and erectors spinae to stabilize torso in neutral; obliques and multifidus to prevent rotation; scapula stabilizers

Stability: pelvis and whole torso in neutral

Mobility: top hip abduction


To abduct top leg while keeping hips stacked

Fitness Circle

Incorporating the Fitness Circle resistance ring is an innovative way to add variety and challenge to group classes & personal training programs.

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