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How to Trust Health & Fitness Research

Whether you’re answering a query about something a client heard on TV or examining a particular exercise protocol, when can you trust the research? Determine Credibility. Scientific research begins when an investigator formulates a carefully defined question and follows

May 18, 2011


Each year United Health Foundation publishes a very important report that ranks the 50 United States in 16 different health-related categories, including overall health. This report provides useful information for fitness professionals who aspire to justify and create health promotion

Feb 01, 2002


in the subjects’ health-related fitness and physical activity. The researchers used statistical analysis to assess changes separately for mothers and daughters. Results. CB participants attended 77 percent of the scheduled sessions, and none of the pairs dropped out. HB participants

May 01, 2003


. However, for maximal and continued adaptations over time, additional work at higher intensities is necessary. Fitness professionals should ascertain how much strength their clients need or want to gain, and then explain the effort-to-benefit ratio. Clients wanting to improve strength- or endurance

Jun 01, 2003


is associated with increased risk of CVD. They noted a need for more research to determine whether lowering high-normal BP can reduce CVD risk. Comments. This study underscores the need to address those with high-normal BP, or what used to be thought of as “normal” BP. Adult clients

Mar 01, 2002


of 16 h. The duration and magnitude of EPOC observed in this study indicates the importance of future research to examine a possible role for high-intensity resistance training in weight management for various populations. Comments. It has yet to be determined how the EPOC induced by four

Oct 01, 2003

Evaluating Health, Fitness and Nutrition Research

Attention-grabbing headers on health, fitness and nutrition news stories don't always tell the whole story. Learn how to sift through the news to find the true meaning of the research by using the points below to assess what you're reading. Consider the source. Is the publication generally regarded

Mar 17, 2014

Men's Health Research Review

Staying up to date on recent research in men's health is important for fitness professionals who work with male clients. "A trainer should be more than a -muscle-and-heart' person," says Rubenstein. "There are too many other areas of wellness that come into play when it comes to fitness." Compared

Sep 15, 2014

Women's Health Research Update

Research on women’s health is surging with medical developments and new study findings on exercise benefits, cardiovascular disease, fat metabolism, exercise behaviors, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, musculoskeletal problems and longevity. Our vocation, as fitness professionals

Apr 29, 2009

Qigong for Health: a Research Update

inside or outside, on any type of surface. (For more on how to teach a simple qigong routine, see “An Introduction to Qigong” by Ted J. Cibik in February 2001 IDEA Health & Fitness Source, available to IDEA members through the Article Archive at

Jan 01, 2007