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Scouting the Best Kitchen Scale

by Diane Lofshult on Jan 01, 2006

Nutrition experts say that a good way to scale back on calories is to eat smaller portions. One way to accomplish this is to invest in a reliable kitchen scale, which can accurately measure portions and ingredients.

The maximum weight a scale can hold varies from model to model. As a rule, “the smaller the maximum capacity, the more accurate the scale will be.” Most home cooks will do fine with a scale that has a maximum capacity of 2–4 pounds.

There are three basic types of kitchen scales. Balance scales are hard to use and even harder to find in stores. Spring scales are the least expensive but also the least accurate. Electronic or digital scales tend to be the most accurate and can be switched from metric to U.S. measurements.

Here are some tips on how to purchase the best kitchen scale for your own needs:

  • Select a scale that has a large enough platform or bowl to hold the kinds of ingredients you use most often or one that has a flat platform onto which you can place a dinner plate.
  • Make sure the scale has an easy-to-read display.
  • Choose a model with a detachable platform or bowl that can be easily cleaned.
  • Pick a scale with an easy “taring” feature; taring lets you place an item in a container on the platform and then set the scale to zero—so you can weigh only the contents of the container (minus the weight of the container itself). Most digital scales offer a button for this function, whereas spring scales usually feature a dial.
  • If counter space is at a premium in your kitchen, opt for a model that has a low profile and can fit into a drawer.

Source: June 2005 Cooking Light.

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