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Schedule Time for You

Jan 01, 2002

Your leadership role as a fitness facility owner/ manager seems to demand much more time than you have every day. This constant emphasis on deadlines and the need to keep pace with the tempo of a business can make you feel especially stressed out. But it’s not the amount of time that matters, it’s our perception of it.

So says business author Susan Ward, who adds that our perception of time is fundamentally dependent on our attitude. “Most people need a period of time each day to recharge themselves. They need a certain amount of time to reflect, to enjoy, to energize or to simply pause—to do something that gives them respite or pleasure so they can deal with the stresses of the day,” Ward writes.

So what can you do to get that daily boost you need to keep a positive perception of time? Is it doing your own workout? Having a cup of tea in a quiet place? Walking the dog? Playing with your kids? Whatever you identify as your saving grace, make sure you schedule time for it each day. Keep this daily appointment with yourself just as you would an appointment with a client. You’ll be better equipped to cope with stress, more productive and have a better attitude about time.


IDEA Fitness Manager, Volume 14, Issue 1

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