Sample Class: Route to Relaxation

by: Laura Sachs

CLASS BY LAURA SACHS TAKEOUT Route to Relaxation Teach breath control and awareness to stressedout participants. These days, it seems, we're all more familiar with feeling stressed than with feeling calm. Luckily for us, we're designed to relax. The breath is our route to relaxation, and our senses help to personalize the process. The heart lifts slightly when we inhale and drops slightly when we exhale. Because it is the only muscle in the body that never stops working, it has to have built-in breaks. Exhalations are the heart's resting phases. When we breathe fully, particularly allowing our exhalations to lengthen, we elicit the "relaxation response." The following exercises lead the way. ROUTE TO RELAXATION DETAILS BREATH AWARENESS (5

IDEA Fitness Journal , Volume 2, Issue 5

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Laura Sachs is the creator of the E-MOTION® body-mind fitness video, relaxation and yoga walk programs. She is a mind-body expert with 20 years experience in the health and fitness field. She has ...