Reinvent Yourself at the 2013 IDEA World Fitness Convention™, Los Angeles, August 7—11

by Mary Monroe on May 22, 2013

Choose from over 350 sessions on the hottest topics in fitness and wellness—and get inspired to take your career in bold new directions.

You can’t help your clients transform if you’re not evolving yourself. There’s no better place to find ideas and inspiration for personal and professional transformation than the 2013 IDEA World Fitness Convention. This event delivers the industry’s largest selection of influential trends, top-name presenters, groundbreaking programs and equipment, advanced technique innovations and game-changing research. If it’s important to the future of fitness and wellness—and important to your future—you’ll find it at the IDEA World Fitness Convention, August 7–11, in Los Angeles.

The theme of the weekend, “BE: The Inspiration,” is how to reinvent yourself and your work through the power of inspiration—starting with your own life story. Keynote speaker Bo Eason, former NFL star and one of the most successful authors, speakers and trainers in the world, will share what it takes to become a motivating force by making the most of your own personal story.

This year’s blockbuster program (earn up to 24 CECs) includes these highlights:

  • a large array of sessions featuring techniques to train Baby Boomers, older adults, youth, women and overweight clients
  • 50% more personal training programming than last year—over half of the program is dedicated to personal trainers
  • an expanded program of practical nutrition information tailored to the needs of fitness professionals, along with new nutrition resources and demonstrations in the IDEA World Fitness & Nutrition Expo
  • comprehensive business and professional development education to take your fitness facility or business to greater heights
  • “The Best of Inner IDEA,” a selection of 12 sessions from the world’s premier educational event for integrative wellness and mind-body-spirit transformation
Top 10 Fitness Trends at IDEA World

Every year at the IDEA World Fitness Convention, exciting trends are born as the industry’s most creative personalities, programs and companies come together to share their latest discoveries. For 2013 you’ll find programs and tips to expand your skills in these 10 top-trending fitness areas:

Trend #1: Baby Boomer/Older-Adult Training

Convention sessions include The Ultimate Anti-Aging Work­out; TRX® Training for Active Seniors; and CoreFitnessRoller®: Creating Power-Balance Solutions for Older Adults.

The growing older-adult population offers enormous potential for fitness pros who know how to gear their services to the over-50 crowd. Since 2010, about 10,000 North Americans have turned 65 years old every day, and that will continue until 2030 (Barry 2010), when 1 in 5 North Americans will be 65 or older (U.S. Census Bureau 1995)! 

“The average North American now lives to 85 years of age. Older adults have many years left, and their attitudes toward aging are shifting,” says presenter Maureen Hagan. “Older adults aim to live life to the fullest, and taking better care of their health is their highest priority. They don’t want to be classified based on their age but rather on their ability and their attitudes. I believe creating programs and opportunities for social interaction will be the leading trend. It’s important that we hire the age-appropriate fitness professional, too. As the aging population grows, so do the opportunities, provided we are educated and qualified to lead this demographic.”

Trend #2: High-Intensity Interval Training and Tabata Training

Convention sessions include HIIT Me With Your Best Shot!; Intensity Overload—Battle of the HIITs; and MALLA® Fitness.

Time-efficient, results-oriented HIIT and Tabata training have taken the industry by storm. “Based on current weight loss research, [we know that] shorter-duration, higher-intensity workouts win the race against traditional longer, steady-state training,” says presenter Mindy Mylrea. “This is wonderful news for [those who feel] they can’t work out because they can’t fit it in. The Tabata timing protocol is only 20 seconds of all-out work with a 10-second rest. Eight bouts of this in a row and you have a 4-minute Tabata training. Anyone can do Tabata both mentally and physically. With the excuse of ‘not enough time’ being the reason why most people don’t work out, a shorter, higher-intensity plan fits the bill.” 

Trend #3: Fusion Classes

Convention sessions include PILOXING®; Reebok Fitness Fusion; Warrior Workout; and Holistic Fusion: Movement as Meditation. 

Fusion programming is one of the most creative arenas in fitness today, offering clients a multitude of program experiences in a single session. Says presenter Skip Jennings, “Fusion classes work because they are time-efficient and fitness-effective. Not everyone has the time to take back-to-back classes or spend more than an hour in our clubs. Fusion classes allow people with busy schedules to get all the essential components of fitness in one workout. When we take the time to study fusion programing, we empower ourselves for the future of fitness.”

Trend #4: Small-Group/Partner Training

Convention sessions include 10 New Big Things in Small-Group Training; Les Mills GRIT™ Series; and Partner Playground.

Time-efficient and cost-effective for both trainer and client, small-group and partner training just keep growing in popularity. The 2013 IDEA World Fitness Convention will showcase a broad spectrum of program ideas and business models to help you make small groups and partner sessions work for you.

Trend #5: Mixed Martial Arts––Inspired Workouts

Convention sessions include Les Mills BODYCOMBAT®; MMA Fitness Boot Camp; and MMA Warrior Workout.

MMA-inspired workouts take their cue from the ring, giving participants an opportunity to develop the high-level athletic skills that characterize mixed martial arts competition. Your clients don’t have to get in the cage, but they can experience many of the training challenges and benefits that have made MMA such a powerful force in training today.

Trend #6: Boot Camps

Convention sessions include the IDEA All-Star Presenter Boot Camp Blowout with Jay Blahnik.

Boot camps have been going strong for a while now, but with plenty of training variations to keep them from getting stale, there’s no sign they’ll be slowing down anytime soon. Participants love the chance to push themselves beyond their comfort zone. Creating a successful boot camp is an art—and at IDEA World, you’ll get lots of help developing brand-new formats or revitalizing your current ones.

Trend #7: Dance-Inspired Workouts

Convention sessions include IDEA’s Epic Dance Encounter; 2FLY—The House Party; Flirty Girl Fitness: The Teaser; and WERQ™: Pop, Rock and Hip-Hop.

“Dance fitness workouts such as WERQ have exploded in popularity and will continue to be a trend into 2013,” says presenter Julie Steffen. “Love of movement is universal, and WERQ fitness classes get participants moving. It’s you, a dance floor and today’s hottest hit music. WERQ’s 3Q1 method of cuing dance fitness workouts ensures students are able to follow along with ease, and WERQ choreography inspires participants to let their inner dance diva shine.”

Presenter Haley Stone adds, “Whether you are feeling angry, sad, stressed or joyful, dance gives you a way to express strong emotions in a physical, productive way. Beyond being a healthy way to ditch negative energy, dance is seriously uplifting! From the music to the smiles to the camaraderie felt among a group of people moving in time to a beat, dance transcends everyday frustrations that can weigh you down—literally.”

Trend #8: Body Weight Training

Convention sessions include Body-Leverage Training: No Equipment? No Problem!; Body Force;  and Body Weight Foundations.

“I think body weight training is becoming more popular in the industry because it is accessible to those who may not have a gym membership or who prefer to work out at home,” notes presenter Michelle Felzmann. “Whole-body movement training is a new way to achieve a strong, injury-free, functional body. People are looking to train for life rather than to develop good biceps, and body weight training is a practical, effective way to do it.”

Trend #9: Training for Women

Convention sessions include Redefining “The Change” With Mind-Body Fitness and Training the Female Client.

“Sixty percent of personal training clients are women, so a wise trainer would fully understand and have the ability to address many women’s health issues,” says presenter Sherri McMillan, MSc. “It’s clear that women are different than men physically and emotionally, but how should that affect their training program? The reality is you can’t train men the same [way] as you train women. There are a lot of variables that you need to consider. Fitness pros need to know the physiological differences between men and women, the women’s health issues they may have to manage and the adjustments that need to be made to women’s training programs.”

Trend #10: Youth Fitness

Convention sessions include Today’s Youth . . . Tomorrow’s Athlete and TRX Training for Youth. 

“Investing time and resources in this area is paramount. Childhood obesity is an epidemic that we can no longer afford to overlook,” says presenter Dan McDonogh. “In the early 2000s, I was part of a company called Fit4Play, which had a mobile fitness unit that traveled to schools during scheduled PE classes to run boxing, yoga and circuit training classes. It was hugely popular, both with students and teachers, and we won the IDEA “Making Fitness Happen” Award in 2001. Governing bodies in the health and fitness industry should be creating education/certifications that give fitness professionals the tools to work with children and youth so fitness professionals can go into schools and help educate students, teachers and parents. We have a lot of work to do to make real progress for today’s youth.”

High-Intensity Weekend of Fun

The annual IDEA World Fitness Convention is a turbocharged weekend of creative inspiration, high-powered workouts, and experiences shared with enthusiastic peers from around the globe. One of the most exciting places to be at the event is in the IDEA World Fitness & Nutrition Expo Hall, where you’ll find the newest big releases in fitness, wellness and nutrition, including all the latest in equipment, programs, natural foods, apparel, shoes, health and beauty, and eco-friendly products. The Expo Hall is expanding in 2013 to include a strong focus on nutrition education tailored to the needs of fitness professionals, along with a wide variety of nutrition resources. The Healthy Cooking Stage will spotlight appearances and live cooking demonstrations by celebrity chefs and leading nutrition companies.

This year IDEA’s exclusive eXertainment Stage will feature adrenaline-pumping presentations by WERQ, Drums Alive®, Kettleworx®, Kaia F.I.T. and U-Jam Fitness™, to name just a few.

Another convention hot spot is this year’s “BE: INspiRED” Party, which kicks things off on Thursday night. Attendees are encouraged to get in the spirit by wearing red as they meet and mingle with old and new friends. The celebration includes dinner, dancing and a photo booth for keepsakes. More convention highlights:

  • Opening Ceremonies with keynote speaker Bo Eason, NFL athlete, Broadway playwright and actor, who will explain how to take advantage of the remarkable power of your personal story, along with dynamic entertainment and the 2013 Fitness Inspiration Award winner, Peter Twist.
  • The IDEA World Showcase Room, with exclusive concert-style workouts featuring the world’s biggest fitness celebrities.
  • L.A. Adventures, custom sessions that will allow you to explore the heart of the L.A. landscape as you hike, bike and tour one of the most unique and exciting cities in the world.
  • IDEA Inspiration Medals, which will emphasize recognition and inspiration during sessions and add a special dimension of fun and excitement to the IDEA World experience.

Brochures, detailed session descriptions, the full schedule and registration information can be found at


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