Quality and Quantity Consistency

May 01, 2006

The 2006 IDEA World Fitness Convention has these hallmarks and more lined up for those ready to invest in themselves and their futures.

Consistency is a rare commodity these days—especially when it comes to fitness education.

Yet, year after year, the IDEA World Fitness Convention brings you the perfect blend of academic knowledge and practical skills, serious insights and world-class entertainment, networking opportunities and quiet time to reflect on the next step in your future. IDEA World Fitness is the ultimate in fitness conventions, and that’s why thousands of fitness pros from all over the globe flock to it time and time again. Don’t miss this educational extravaganza if you’re serious about being the best professional you can be, helping your clients make the most of their health and inspiring the world to fitness. Here are seven great reasons to consider this serious investment in yourself and your career. You’ll be able to . . .

1. Expand Your Career. What is the blueprint for your future? How will you get to the next step as a fitness pro? What can you learn to earn more money, add on another specialty or move into a related field? Explore the answers at IDEA World Fitness as you gain insights from world-class experts, fellow attendees, program innovators and fitness manufacturers.

2. Build Confidence. IDEA World Fitness validates what you already know and helps you feel confident that you can make the right choices for your clients. It also teaches you what you don’t yet know and, more importantly, how to get questions answered in the future so you can approach your clients with confidence. Get the science and theory behind different exercises and learn to analyze movement to help you make informed decisions about what’s best for your clients.

3. Tap Into Your Inner Adventurer. What have you always longed to do? Push yourself physically, take risks mentally or forge connections with people you don’t know? This event gives you the chance to move outside your box, gain new experiences and explore different arenas. The convention is full of possibilities, and they are yours for the taking. (For related content on challenging your limits, see “Club Without Walls: Fitness Taken to the Extreme” on page 43).

4. Build Bridges. Fitness knows no global boundaries. Network with colleagues from over 60 countries, and make life-changing connections as you share ways to Inspire the World to Fitness®. Remember that you are not alone in your vital work; you are part of a vast chain of fitness pros striving to improve the world’s health and fitness.

5. Make a Difference. How can you best inspire your own community to fitness? Get the savvy you need to teach—and listen perceptively to—your clients so they are motivated to embrace the power of fitness. Plus, you’ll get a chance to make a difference for an important charity—the Challenged Athletes Foundation—at the Meet the Challenge party at The Beach nightclub.

6. Energize Your Mind and Body. Burned out from work demands and from focusing on others? Give to yourself at IDEA World Fitness. Get inspired by outstanding speakers like world-renowned coach Cheryl Richardson (see “The Mind-Body Makeover,” below). Have fun at celebrations such as the Winter Wonderland Welcome Party (see page 43), shop and discover new products and programs at the IDEA Fitness & Wellness Expo and explore all the vast entertainment options Las Vegas has to offer.

7. Inspire the World to Fitness. You’re a fitness professional because you are deeply committed to helping your clients improve the quality of their lives. That’s why attending the IDEA World Fitness Convention is so essential for you. As Todd Durkin, MA, 2004 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year, says, “World does a fantastic job motivating fitness professionals to do their jobs at a higher level. The chance to be around thousands of like-minded, motivated fitness pros is truly inspiring.”

Ivy League–Quality Fitness Education

Ivy League universities are famous for offering prestigious education. Undergraduates who attend them are assured of getting the best education and leaving with top knowledge, marketable skills and outstanding connections to catapult their careers. Similarly, the IDEA World Fitness Convention has long been considered the top place in the world for fitness programming. Fitness pros come because they know they are assured of getting the knowledge, connections and skills they need to guarantee career success.

Ready for fitness programming that’s head and shoulders above the rest? Come to IDEA World Fitness. With over 275 sessions and 130 presenters, this convention offers you an abundance of choices. Earn up to 20 CECs from AFAA (enough to keep your certification up-to-date), plus CECs from ACE, AEA, NASM, NATA, NSCA and more. Enjoy the international learning you’ll experience with presenters from more than 10 countries.

Here’s a glance at just some of what you can expect from IDEA World Fitness sessions:

Reach Out to Older Adults. Whether you teach group classes, train one-on-one or manage a facility, you need to know how to attract and retain the valuable older-adult market. Gain insider knowledge on the diverse physical, social and emotional needs of this population. Explore topics such as making your fitness facility senior-friendly, developing effective programs for older adults, teaching a bone fitness workout for seniors, power training for older-adult function and more.

Learn Corrective Exercise Techniques. So many of your clients—and potential clients—are weighed down by dysfunctional movement patterns. Learn what you can do to help prevent further deviations and forestall injuries. Discover how to spot compensation patterns and integrate corrective exercise into personal training. Explore topics like gait analysis; assessment and problem solving for the cervical spine; training the client in pain; and more.

Take Home Customized Information. To best meet the needs of clients, you need tools and techniques that pinpoint their concerns. Take sessions that specialize in targeting specific populations. Learn from topics such as training the corporate client, working with overweight clients, functional athletic strength training for men, foam rollers for golfers, yoga for larger bodies and training the Cesarean client.

Stay on the Cutting Edge. World brings you the latest advances in fitness knowledge. Thrill to such innovative sessions as yoga with weights, kickbox bootcamp and cycling circuits. Get in-depth education with our longer InTensive sessions like mastery of movement and lifestyle coaching. And don’t miss special premier presentations—completely new sessions from leading presenters. Topics include Weight Training Progression: The Moment Arm, The Pilates Platform Workout and Effective Communication With Healthcare Professionals.

Discover Coaching Strategies. Do you have the skills to help your clients make profound changes? Get new techniques from coaching sessions. World-class coaches will teach you to address lifestyle issues in a compassionate yet constructive manner, understand common obstacles facing clients, use practical strategies for leading clients to success and identify different motivational types of clients.

Supercharge Your Career and Business. Discover new ways of making money—and helping your clients. Plus, take home different strategies for helping your business succeed whether you are a solo business owner or manage a huge staff. Learn how to turn a personal training business into a profit machine, increase revenue through ergonomic assessments, compensate staff, develop and implement attention-grabbing group classes and more.

Get on the Ball. Fitness balls of all kinds can add variety to workouts. Take sessions featuring different types of balls, including the BOSU® Dynamic Stabilizing Load (DSL) weighted stability ball, handheld weighted balls, small stability balls and medicine balls. Whether you are an instructor or a personal trainer, you’ll discover techniques for helping clients become more fit—and have a ball!

Enjoy Yourself. While IDEA World Fitness offers many serious topics, it’s also fun! We’ve sprinkled master classes throughout the convention. Workouts like Totally ’80s! Cardio Dance and More Line Dancing—Just for the Fun of It let you experience the pure joy of group fitness. Or, thrill to special Club Without Walls sessions. Try Red Rock Canyon Biking, Inner Tube Water Polo and an indoor skydiving experience, for starters.

Learn From Top Experts. If one ingredient sets IDEA education apart from the rest, it’s our superior presenters. Get education from professionals who have spent years devoting themselves to their specialties, whether they are IDEA award winners, physical therapists or exercise science professors. The great news for you is that these experts not only know the material well; they also are skilled teachers who can break it down and show you how to apply it to your clients.

Plus, experience the latest information in water fitness, cycling, group exercise, nutrition, kids’ fitness, mind-body fitness and more.

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