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by Biray Alsac, MS on Jan 18, 2011

IDEA FitnessConnect

Use your IDEA FitnessConnect profile to promote your classes and events.

We’ve all seen it. A club’s group fitness schedule posted on the facility’s website with former instructors still listed. A personal trainer’s blog with last session’s boot camp dates advertised. Even when your efforts have successfully led people to your schedule or site, outdated class or event information may discourage any further inquiry into your programs.

IDEA FitnessConnect allows you to list all your upcoming classes and workshops on your profile page (under the “Classes & Events” tab). Consider how the following features can enhance your promotional efforts and increase member retention:

Ability to Target Multiple Audiences

IDEA FitnessConnect can distinguish all searches within a ZIP code by category, audience type and price range. From fitness enthusiasts looking for boot camp classes to personal trainers seeking workshops for continuing education credits, people will find your programs easily when you customize class or event information.

Enhanced Search Engine Optimization (SEQ)

You can list recurring activities once and improve SEO multiple times. Better to present, say, eight upcoming instances of your Monday night yoga class than list “Yoga every Monday” once on your website. Presenting multiple instances can generate more results for your services and programs on, as well as in search engines.

Secure Online Payments and Registrations*

Whether you offer fee-based programs or free events, the built-in registration feature allows anyone to sign up directly from the IDEA FitnessConnect website. This makes it easy for participants to secure their spots for some of your most popular activities. While the option of linking to a third-party registration site is also available, you can list any event or class, regardless of these registration options.

This feature is for IDEA members only. There is a service fee of $1.00 USD + 6.5% per registration (free events are exempt). collects payments on your behalf and issues a check 5 days after your event ends.

Built-in Statistics*

You can choose between generating invitations from your “Clients & Leads” database or inputting e-mail addresses manually. Once your invitations have gone out, you can view the number of opened e-mails, click-through rates and sign-up dates of participants. These analytics are useful for evaluating your program schedule or promotional strategy.

*Invitation stats are available only if the online registration feature is enabled.

Information Updates and Reminders

When you edit class or event details after they have been posted online (e.g., you announce a new date or time or cancel an event), IDEA FitnessConnect sends notifications via e-mail to those registered. In edit mode, you can always resend invitations as a reminder to register or if you want to add more people to the list of invitees.

Syncing With Client Newsletter & Social Media

You can also display upcoming classes and events in the sidebar of your monthly Client Newsletter. Each event has a vanity URL that you can include in any promotional materials. Facebook and Twitter™ buttons also make it easy for people to share information in the social media space.

IDEA Fitness Journal , Volume 8, Issue 2

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Biray Alsac, MS

Biray Alsac, MS IDEA Author/Presenter

is a fitness technologist and instructional designer. She specializes in eLearning and uses interactive technologies, exergames and social media tools to enhance fitness programs and develop education...

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