Preparing for a Knockout Class

Ignite: Use this boxing-themed warm-up to get students ready for crosses, jabs, hooks and upper cuts.

Do you fondly recall when hand wraps, focus mitts and challenging combinations ruled the fitness scene? Boxing and kickboxing classes never really went away, and they are still popular in many fitness facilities across the country. Whether you’re already teaching this style of class or hope to in the near future, you’ll want to have a solid warm-up planned for students.

The first thing to consider is the demographic typically attracted to boxing classes. Participants tend to be fitness enthusiasts who prefer a more athletic style of workout. With this in mind, craft an athletic warm-up. Also make it dynamic and easy to follow. Active-range-of-motion movements will provide critical preparation for the exercises to come. Since boxing-themed classes usually include an extensive series of punches, pay special attention to warming up the shoulders and preparing the spine for rotation. The warm-up is the perfect time to go heavy on technique while staying light on power, so go ahead and throw in some rehearsal movements, being careful to cue safety and precision.

Here’s a sample 7- to 10-minute warm-up to get you going.

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January 2010

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