Poor Economy, Rich Opportunity

Nov 01, 2008


The world economy is in a foul mood these days. But if history is any indicator, the fitness and wellness industry will weather the storm by turning this challenge into an opportunity to get streamlined and step into the sunlight as a smarter, better- positioned and more meaningful entity for its customers.

Throughout our 26 years in this industry, we’ve lived through enough recessions and rebounds to know that while it is prudent to keep your wits about you and adopt a conservative approach, it is also extremely productive to look with fresh eyes at the way you operate. What many see as a time to hunker down and do nothing may present you with your best chance yet to move your career or your business forward.

For fitness and wellness professionals it is the classic glass half-empty/half-full dilemma: do the challenges of today’s business climate spell trouble—or an opportunity to be creative and break out of the crowd? At the 2009 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute conference in Alexandria, Virginia, February 19–22, industry leaders will offer their insights and strategies for succeeding despite (and sometimes because of) current challenges in the marketplace.

The IDEA Personal Trainer Institute is the world’s top educational forum for personal trainers, and this year the conference will offer more than 60 educational sessions and a multitude of networking opportunities to help you make sure that your career or business is strong enough to thrive in today’s market. Up to 17 CECs will be available from leading certification organizations.

Take a moment to check out the program for this high-level personal training conference at www.ideafit.com (click on “Events”). We think you’ll see that it is a worthwhile and solid investment to make during this time of flux and uncertainty.

In keeping with the education offered at the Personal Trainer Institute, this current issue provides a head start on recession-proofing your business. We hope you’ll find the various approaches to communicating better with clients to be of great value in your efforts to retain customers and boost the bottom line.

Excellent communication begets compliance, which begets results, which begets satisfied clients, retention and free word-of-mouth marketing for your business. Three articles in this issue touch on this topic from different angles. In “Brain-Based Personal Training,” author Terry Eckmann, PhD, discusses how to use tried-and-true learning styles and techniques to harness the power of the mind and motivate clients; in the Personal Training 101 column “Effective Cuing,” Cody Sipe, PhD, reviews ways to be aware of your teaching style as an overlay to a client’s learning process; and in “Pilates Cuing Is an Art,” Rosalind Gray Davis presents successful teaching techniques and tips from top Pilates leaders.

While we are on the topic of communication, we encourage you to let us know what else IDEA can do to help you build your education, business, career, staff, etc. Our aim is to deliver exactly what you need in your association membership package. Many of our best programs have come directly from your suggestions, so don’t be shy—be in touch by e-mailing your ideas to atorri@ideafit.com.

We trust you are looking forward to the upcoming holidays and have some time planned to relax and enjoy yourselves with family, friends and clients. Until next year, we thank you for your continued support. Happy holidays!

In good health,
Kathie and Peter Davis

IDEA Fitness Journal, Volume 5, Issue 11

© 2008 by IDEA Health & Fitness Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited.


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