Plan and Track Your Retirement

Jan 01, 2002

Don’t just ignore your nest egg, check on it regularly to make sure it’s growing at a rate that equals your projected retirement needs. Get information for all of the following retirement concerns at Also, see the Profit Center column in the January 2002 issue of IDEA Personal Trainer for a more in-depth discussion of tax and retirement planning options for personal trainers.

Use retirement planning calculators to help you determine how much money you should be regularly deferring to your IRA, 401(k), Keogh or other retirement accounts.

Don’t know which retirement plan to choose? Should you stick with a traditional IRA or move your money to a Roth IRA? Arm yourself with knowledge about your options to make the best decision.

Watch the investments in your retirement accounts by setting up a tracking portfolio that follows your stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other holdings. These can be set up on various Web sites for free; for a long list of portfolio trackers, go to

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