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In the 12th annual 2007 IDEA Fitness Programs & Equipment Survey, Pilates ranked #6 on the list of most frequently offered programs and activities, reflecting a growth of 49 percentage points since 1999. The proportion of survey respondents offering yoga had declined from its peak in 2002, but yoga still ranked #13 among programs and activities offered most often. See July–August 2007 IDEA Fitness Manager for full results of IDEA’s survey.

In the 2nd annual Fitness Trends survey conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine, Pilates and yoga both made the top-10 list of trends for 2008. Pilates ranked #7 on the list, and yoga came in at #10. Survey respondents considered Pilates mat work the more popular form of practice because they found it more conventional and less expensive than exercising on Pilates equipment.

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Shirley Archer, JD, MA

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March 2008

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