Performance Training? Body Leverage? You Pick!

by Mary Monroe on Nov 17, 2010

The theme of the 2011 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute™ is “Training With a Purpose”—a reference to this year’s highly focused, intensive sessions developed to help trainers define and refine their tactics for gaining a competitive edge in a demanding economic environment. Thirty of today's leading trainers will be presenting, and over 60% of the programming is brand-new, ensuring that the information will be fully up-to-date. There will be three all-day preconference workshops, with specialty training offered in sports conditioning, functional training and integrated fitness:

  • Twist Sport Performance Summit with Peter Twist, MSc, Douglas Brooks, MS, and Cassidy Phillips
  • Gray Institute: Optimize Your Current Skills in 3-D with Gary Gray, PT, and Doug Gray
  • The New ACE Integrated Fitness Training Model with Fabio Comana, MA, MS, and Pete McCall, MS

Peter Twist will also be co-presenting “Under Armour®: Combine 360—When Training Is Your Sport!” with Angus Mugford, PhD, and the C360 Faculty, an exciting, new comprehensive athletic training platform that establishes the global measurement standard for improving health, fitness and sports performance.

This year’s theme of purpose-directed training also reflects the powerful trend of functionality. Gary and Doug Gray of the Gray Institute are at the forefront of the think-outside-the-box functional training movement and will present sessions on functional core training, flexibility, and advanced balance and jump training, in addition to their all-day preconference workshop.

Hot Personal Training Topics 2011

There are 80 interactive sessions at this year’s conference—more than ever before. Topics include training techniques, sports conditioning, small-group and partner training, assessment and corrective exercise, anatomy, biomechanics, exercise science, nutrition, business and professional development, specific populations, Pilates training and lots more. This year’s conference will feature programming with special emphasis in these key business-building areas:

  • Performance Training sessions will focus on the latest techniques in sports conditioning and performance improvement for diverse populations, from youth to adults and aging athletes. Presenters will address specific training techniques to improve agility, speed and explosiveness; standardized performance assessment systems; the science behind proper recovery; how to improve biomechanics in golfers; nutrition for energy; and tips for training triathletes.
  • Body Leverage Training sessions sell out fast. They will focus on fusing TRX® with kettlebell training, training the core, planar training, the science of Suspension Training®, and new tools and techniques for using body weight as resistance.
  • Partner and Small-Group Training sessions will focus on areas such as motivating and marketing to small groups and designing business models with strong revenue potential.
  • Functional Anatomy and Functional Training sessions will look at a wide variety of training topics, including function from a 3-D perspective, as well as ways to improve biomechanics, enhance flexibility and design effective functional programs.
  • Assessment, Injury Prevention and Corrective Exercise sessions will address techniques that can eradicate the compensations trainers typically see in clients’ movement patterns. Methods will include myofascial release, compression, hands-off bodywork, corrective exercise for clients with stability and mobility issues, and other new approaches.

The IDEA Personal Trainer Institute has limited event attendance (575) to provide the optimal environment for in-depth learning. Session attendance is also limited; small class size translates to a more personalized educational experience. Most sessions this year are longer than the usual workshop duration, extending to 2–3 hours so that participants can work extensively with session presenters. Attendees can earn up to 20 CEC hours of continuing education credits (more with preconference sessions).

For more information or to register to attend, please go to or call (800) 999-4332, ext. 7.

IDEA Fit Tips, Volume 8, Issue 12

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