Performance-Driven Cycling (Sample Class)

by Stacey Lei Krauss on Jan 01, 2006

CLASS BY STACEY LEI KRAUSS TAKE-OUT Sample Class: Performance-Driven Indoor Cycling Eat your "cupcake" and have it, too! Have you ever eaten a cupcake from the Magnolia Bakery in New York? The cake itself is delicious--rich and flavorful. The icing is smooth and not too sweet. If you ate the cake alone, it would be a little dry; but if you ate only the icing, it would make you sick! Indoor cycling has something of a "cupcake" personality. Some instructors are technical, athletic-based coaches. Their classes are safe, sound and strong. Members love connecting with these purists (the cake). Other instructors are creative and use visualization, cuing and choreographed patterns in conjunction with music. These classes are entertaining and keep members engaged (the icing). Can you imagine how delectable the workout is when the icing meets the cake? You have the delicate job of creating a workout that appeals to a wide population. Because there is no real "choreography" on the bike, it is your responsibility to be creative without forgetting the true basis of the workout: cycling. This is where good cuing comes in. Associative cues relate directly to the physical tasks at hand: controlled breathing, abdominal engagement and cadence. These cues keep students on task with solid technique and are necessary for safe and effective exercise. Associative cues are the "cake," the foundation. Dissociative cues take students' minds off the task at hand and send them on a journey. These cues are the "icing" (delightful, but too much of it can make you sick). According to The Nautilus InstituteTM, the primary goal in an indoor cycling class is to recognize the session as a cardiovascular workout. Therefore, develop a heart rate profile first. From this starting point, layer on technical, associative goals to help students achieve solid technique. The icing on the cake is your mindful cuing, creative music choices and philosophical offering. The following workout is one of my most recent ones. Of my students, 70% are in training for competitive events. These participants appreciate the technical cuing and the mental coaching they receive to prepare them for race day. PERFORMANCE-DRIVEN INDOOR CYCLING THEME: Performance TOTAL TIME: 60 minutes I N T E N S I T Y: high-end endurance, Section 3: Strength Focus on muscular, cardiovascular and mental aspects. TOTAL TIME: 16 minutes INTENSITY: Gradually increase to 80% or more, "flirting" with the anaerobic threshold (AT) without crossing over. T E R R A I N/ T E C H NI Q U E : hill, 60

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