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Jul 25, 2008

Being present and in the moment can make all experiences rich and very satisfying.  For powerful presentations, we offer the following suggestions:

  1. We recommend that you open your session with a “CENTERING EXERCISE.”  We suggest 3 oms, 3 chimes from a bell, a moment of silence, 3 deep breaths, a reflective verse, a pleasant greeting, beautiful music, or whatever you choose as a way to encourage students to become mindful and present to your session.
  2. We encourage you to “BE ONE” with that which you are presenting.  The more you are engaged with your session in body, mind and spirit, the deeper the experience for all.   
  3. Periodic “DEEP BELLY BREATHS” can engage your students more deeply into the moment and into your presentation.
  4. Inner IDEA® is “INCLUSIVE.” There are many pathways to wellness, and all are honorable.  We see all as equal and without superiority or inferiority; we see all as perfect in their own uniqueness.
  5. We “EMBRACE THE GIFT OF THE EXPERIENCE.”  We are deeply honored to have you as a presenter at this Inner IDEA event.  For us, this experience is a creative vision come to fruition, and we invite you to join us in the celebration and honor the sacredness of all.
  6. We suggest you end each session with a “BEAUTIFUL CLOSURE,” such as a brief meditation, a visualization, an affirmation, a few moments of silence, a sincere thank you, a namasté, or any form of honoring the participants’ presence in your shared experience.

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