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New Year's Evolution

Jan 14, 2009


January is a natural time to consider changing and improving the things in your life that you think need the most attention. Here at IDEA, we’re constantly fine-tuning what we’re doing to improve the value of what we deliver to you, so it’s a special pleasure to announce a few changes that we think will enhance your membership and the world in general.

First, you’ll be seeing some content changes thismonth and in comingmonths in the pages of thismagazine. In September we fielded our first major readership survey in a number of years, and the feedback you gave us about the publications was incredibly helpful. There are surveys—and then there are surveys! We had planned to send three invitations to participate, but we got so many responses back from you within hours of the first e-mail blast that we shut it down after a week. So many of you took the time to answer all the sections, but the really impressive part was the detail you gave us on the write-in questions.We have sorted through the pages and pages of data and have a firm grasp on what we can add to our content to make your jobs and your learning easier. Thank you for helping us to help you!

As a start, in this issue we’ve responded to your request to present a more global perspective on the industry through a new column called “World Beat.” Every month you can turn to the last page of the magazine and take a free trip somewhere in the world. This month, it’s Egypt. Next month you’ll be in the Philippines.

We have also heard your voices and concerns about environmental impact and are happy to be shrinking our carbon footprint. Starting with the March issue of IDEA Fitness Manager, business and program director members will receive that newsletter strictly in a digital format.

Saving on paper, postage, ink and energy is part of our effort to work toward a better,more beautiful world. Our primary concern is always how our decisions affect you, our valued member.We are confident that this new era in information delivery will prove to be not only a wise “green”move but also a smart and efficient way to honor you, the smart and efficient fitness professional.

As we move forward with this transition, it is very important that we have your current e-mail information so that delivery of your IDEA Fitness Manager will continue seamlessly. If you have not done so recently, please contact our membership department ( and make sure we have your e-mail address on file. (We respect your privacy and do not share e-mail addresses.) We hope you will let us know how you enjoy this updated version of a timeless classic, and also how we can keep improving all our publications and our service to you.

We promised in September,with the rollout of the new website, that we’d be layering on some excellent tools devoted to your learning convenience, and so we are very pleased to announce the launch of IDEA Online Courses and Tracking on can now go to the online IDEA Store and find continuing education credit (CEC) courses derived fromourmagazine articles; study thematerial; take the test online; and get instantaneous feedback and a certificate of completion to send to your certifying agency. Inmost cases, IDEA CECmaterials have been approved by ACE,NSCA,NASMand ACSM.Additional agenciesmay accept these credits.Please contact your certification agency to inquire.

Finally, be sure to read our biennial IDEA Fitness Industry Compensation Survey. This in-depth study will cast a ray of light on the future of employment, wages and benefits in this great industry during dismal financial times. Only IDEA members have access to this unique industry data. Be sure to maximize the value of the information!

Have a happy and healthy 2009!
Kathie and Peter Davis


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