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NEW! IDEA's Video Exercise Library

Feb 19, 2009

If you haven’t discovered it yet, please be sure to check out the fantastic new program design and exercise education tool (and additional IDEA member benefit!) that launched on the IDEA website in late February: the IDEA Video Exercise Library.

Our initial launch includes 238 videos averaging 1 minute each, in which two of the industry’s prominent educators—Keli Roberts and Anthony Carey, MA—work with clients onscreen to demonstrate and explain nuances for an array of exercises. If you’re looking for some new ideas to bring to training sessions, this tool will put some real juice into your creative muscle. Each move is either progressed to an advanced level or regressed to a beginner level to deliver you a range of options for your multilevel clients.

You can filter your search of the IDEA Video Exercise Library to find what you’re looking for by keyword, body part, specific muscle, equipment used or type of exercise. Need a corrective exercise focused on myofascial release using a foam roller? Set the filter with just one or all of these descriptions to find what you’re looking for. Need some new exercises using a weighted bar? Simply go to the drop-down equipment filter, scroll to select “weighted bar” and watch as a variety of exercises materializes for you to choose from.

“This series is the first building block in what we envision to be a rich audiovisual resource that we will continue building upon each year,” said IDEA Executive Director Kathie Davis. “We love the possibilities of the digital age and can’t wait to bring you more!”

IDEA Fit Tips, Volume 7, Issue 3

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