Nekkid Water Fitness (Sample Class)

by Bethany Diamond on Apr 01, 2007

class take-out by Bethany Diamond Sample Class: Nekkid Water Fitness Use the pool's natural fun factor to teach a balanced workout. "Nekkid Water Fitness" is a fun-based format designed to accommodate an apparently healthy population in shallow water. The class uses traditional and nontraditional exercises to achieve both cardiovascular and muscular strength and endurance. Absolutely no equipment is needed. Enlist your imagination, and bring your own style and expertise to the workout. Bottom line? This class should be as much fun as you can stand while still being productive in the water. Me Out to the Ball Game" by Toadsuck Symphony (2:05) (shoulders submerged), feet wider than hip distance, one arm extended in frontal plane, palm facing down. Participants move the arm as far behind them as they can while keeping it in their peripheral vision (start position). Then they move the arm as far in front of them as possible without protracting the shoulder. As the arm travels from back to front, it can move in a downward motion or remain in line with the shoulder. Encourage participants to find a hand position that challenges them (slicing, fisting or palming). The goal is to strengthen the pectoral muscles; therefore, there is no resistance in the return phase. The hand is always slicing, and the arm is flexuous. Participants set the boundary for the movement. They do not have to use their entire range of motion, nor do they need to fully extend the arm. However, the degree of extension should stay the same throughout the movement. If a participant needs more intensity, she can increase resistance by shifting her weight forward and to the side along the path of the arm movement. Have everyone find a position, work there for a little over 1 minute, return to the start position and turn away from the extended arm to stretch. Repeat on opposite side. Free Form Dance (cardio) Cardio and Strength (25

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