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Need a Reason to Make a Change?

Sep 21, 2017

Changing Lives – It’s What We Do LES MILLS workouts are licensed by 17,500 partners in 100 countries around the world. We support our partners with research, marketing and new workouts every three months. Our tribe of 130,000 certified instructors bring those workouts to life every day. Are you ready to join us?

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This fall, the top priority of club owners and operators is to prepare their facilities and staff for the January rush. As they re-evaluate their offerings, instructors and overall business, they ask themselves: Are we ready to give new members the best experience possible and keep them coming back, even after the initial motivation wears off?

Too often, clubs focus on the new membership sale and incorrectly assume that members will be okay if left to their own devices. But we know that placing staff importance on engaging members from day one is key to instilling motivation and a sense of belonging.

We also know that offering great group exercise classes keeps members loyal, happy and exercising regularly. So what is the "secret ingredient" that causes certain group exercise classes to be fully booked, with members returning week after week? Research shows that it’s the additional coaching skills and personality of the instructors that keep members coming back for more (Ntoumanis et al.).

Unfortunately, most clubs report that they don't have the instructor quantity or quality they need. That’s where a huge opportunity awaits. Becoming a certified group exercise instructor is not only rewarding work; it also provides significant value to potential employers.

Knowing this is an optimal time for clubs to seek instructor support and talent, what are you waiting for? Now’s the time to take a chance and make a change: Get certified, train on a new program or brush up on your skills with additional education. That way, when opportunities to teach inevitably open up, you'll be ready to seize them.

Consider your personality and strengths to determine which program might be best, and explore opportunities to go through training. The potential rewards are far greater than the risk. And remember, every instructor started somewhere, just like you.

Les Mills offers world-class instructor trainings, assessments, certifications and ongoing development. Learn more about how you can start your journey toward creating life-changing fitness experiences.


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