Music Tariff Propsed in Canada

by Ryan Halvorson on Oct 01, 2008

Making News

In our June issue, we reported on a tariff that would increase music licensing fees paid by Australian fitness facilities. A similar tariff has been proposed in Canada by the Neighbouring Rights Collective of Canada (NRCC), a nonprofit organization that obtains compensation and protects the creative rights of musicians. The NRCC has proposed music tariffs for a variety of applications; however, in 2007 the organization added indoor and outdoor fitness classes to its list of targets. If passed, Canadian fitness facilities would be required to ante up an additional $3.00 (currently $2.93 U.S.) per class. (These facilities now pay fees to the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers.) According to the Fitness Industry Council of Canada, the increase would require facilities to pay 5% of their monthly gross sales to the NRCC. To learn more about the tariff, visit www.english or



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