Motivating Clients With Chronic Conditions

by Michael Youssouf, MA and F. Sachs-Rojas on May 01, 2001

Motivation By Michael Youssouff, MA, and Fran Sachs-Rojas, CSW Having a selection of practical communication tools and training techniques in your repetoire can help you coach this special population to success. Motivating Clients With Chronic Conditions As a personal fitness trainer, you understand the importance of following specific training guidelines and avoiding any contraindications whenever you train clients in special populations. Throughout many of these training challenges, you probably focus primarily on the appropriateness of the physical components of the client's program, and rightly so. Clients who have a temporary condition, such as an injury, will most likely improve eventually. Whatever fear, pain and anxiety issues the injury may cause are generally transitory and, therefore, may not be of major concern to you; although, of course, you will deal with them when they arise. Training a client whose medical condition is chronic, however, is different. Many symptoms of a chronic condition will present in some form throughout the client's life. Therefore, in this arena, you are constantly challenged not only to choose exercises that address the proper training guidelines, but also to deal with the ongoing psychological issues that accompany long-term conditions. The recurring symptoms that plague clients can form psychological barriers that may hinder attendance at, and committed particpation in, training sessions. Deciding what mode of cardiovascular exercise to employ will not be an issue if the client does not show up for the session! Training Clients With Chronic Conditions COMMON CHRONIC CONDITIONS & DISEASES

IDEA Personal Trainer , Volume 2002, Issue 5

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