Mindfulness Meditation Program Combines Science With Practice

Apr 01, 2013

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I’ve been teaching a program in mindfulness meditation for UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center to about 25 people a quarter for the last year [at The Fitness Center at Toluca Lake Tennis Club]. In 2011, I went through UCLA’s intensive yearlong mindfulness facilitator training and followed that up with a certification in their curriculum so I could join their faculty. The program has been a huge success from day one. People have raved about the class, with many taking it more than once. The didactic portion emphasizes a lot of ideas and basic neuroscience, alongside plenty of practical experience.

Plans are in the works for workshops, including “The Mindful Athlete” and “Savor: Mindfulness, Food, and the Body.” Being associated with UCLA and having a true, evidence-based mind-body program has added tremendous value to our brand as well as to the wellbeing of our members. Teaching these classes is also the highlight of my week!

Brian Shiers
Personal Training Director, The Fitness Center at Toluca Lake Tennis Club
Burbank, California

Should State Law Regulate Sweetened Beverages?

The idea that [the state of] New York may ban sales of “oversized” sweetened beverages is astounding! Are we, as Americans, in need of help regulating sugar to the same extent as other “substances” like drugs and alcohol? If so, how do we base the need and the criteria to assess that need? We live in a nation that has catered to the success of the farming of grains, sugar and meats. This, in turn, has helped various unhealthy food cultures grow tremendously. Is it time for the government to cater to the people it serves, or should the government that helped those businesses also support their continual growth?

We live in a nation where local business can be harassed for not providing seats for larger individuals. Is this a violation of personal freedom?

Most people I know who want to be healthier and lose weight would appreciate the help (ban). People want to be told what to do to become healthier. They follow diets that break down every meal and limit certain foods rather than eat a generally healthier diet incorporating fruits, vegetables and lean meats of correct portion size.

In response to a ban on sales of sweetened beverages of more than 16 ounces, I say yes!

Nicholas Holder
Wellness Coordinator, Monitronics
Dallas, Texas

IDEA FitnessConnect

I just want to mention that I can’t live without the IDEA FitnessConnect site! I already have two clients who found me there!

Tami J Stiller
Menasha, Wisconsin

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