Mindful Eating

Taking the time to savor your food is one way to eat less at each sitting, say a growing number of food experts. One way to do this is to eat mindfully, which helps you not only taste each meal fully but also notice when you feel full.

If you tend to inhale your food, try these mindful-eating strategies:

  • Turn off that TV, radio or computer; put down your newspaper or book.
  • Sit at a real table, not at the kitchen counter or island.
  • Set your fork down between each bite.
  • Savor each item on your plate, and take a moment to compliment the cook (the latter will also earn you brownie points!).
  • Engage in light dinner conversation with your dining companions (but avoid confrontational topics, like politics or religion).
  • Stop eating the moment you feel full.
    Source: Newhouse News Service.

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    Diane Lofshult

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    April 2006

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