Manage to Lead

by Maureen Hagan, PT on Jul 01, 2005

group exercise Manage to Lead OVERALL SUCCESS DEPENDS ON YOUR ABILITY TO BRING OUT EACH PERSON'S BEST. By Maureen Hagan, PT contributions, time and effort. Commend him on his latest performance initiative. If you are consistent with this approach and it comes from your heart, you will unleash the power for first-rate performance every time. Set a Standard of Excellence Managers and employees who reach excellence are already above average. Great managers show natural ability to perform in the role of manager. Great employees--as well as great managers-- have the most room for growth. It's hard work helping a talented employee hone her talents. If you are burdened by turning poor performers or strugglers into survivors, you will have little time left for the truly difficult and committed work of mentoring and guiding. Successful managers have passion, persistence and commitment. What makes the difference is focus--the ability to bring your belief, passion and intelligence to bear on a given objective and simultaneously to influence it to become excellent. Wonderful managers look inward. They also look inside the company and each individual, noting the differences in styles, needs, goals and motivation. They pay attention to these particulars and are better informed about the right way to release each person's best. It is entirely possible for a person to A ny group fitness class, program or schedule has the potential to be great. The only thing that limits this potential is a weak lineup. If you are to have a winning team, every single person must work together and be committed to each other and to a common goal. However, without a great manager even the most talented employees won't be successful. Gifted people may join your company because of its generous benefits and world-class training programs, but how effective they become depends on you. Outstanding managers lead a team to greatness by unleashing the potential in each individual while leading the entire group down a common path with an intended focus. Learn how to EXCEL as a manager and to attract and keep top talent by following this formula: EX--Manage by EXception! C--See your role as a Catalyst. E--Set the standard for Excellence. L--Lead by Levels. and review performance and how she would enjoy receiving feedback (i.e., privately, publicly, verbally or in writing). What does she see as her strengths and as her greatest opportunities for performance gains? Ask what she would like your role to be. Also find out about hobbies, favorite foods, candy and other things. Track this information on a recipe or cue card, and file it. These details can help you focus on each person's strengths, interests and goals and assist you in turning talent into stellar performance. Be a Catalyst Spend most of your time with your best people. This is not what most managers do. Your star employees are the most productive. Embrace your role as a catalyst and enjoy transforming latent gifts. Instead of spending time fixing, correcting or instructing, find ways to unleash distinct and unique talents. Your role is to encourage people to do more of certain productive behaviors and less of other unproductive behaviors. Be aware of your own actions, and think about what you want your employees to see. They notice your behavior and the time you spend reacting to circumstances. You are on stage every day, and everyone hears and sees the signals you send. Invest in your best employees because it is productive, fair, the best way to learn and lead, and the only way to stay focused and reach excellence. Tell your top people why they are the cornerstones of success. Let them know how and why their contributions are valued. Don't assume they know these things. Before you know it, the competition down the street will recruit them. As a good rule of practice, each time you speak or meet with an employee, connect by simply acknowledging his July

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