Luci Gabel

Mar 01, 2013

Member Spotlight

Member Since 1997 | Arlington, Virginia

“I believe that no one is too busy for fitness or healthy eating--it’s just a matter of learning the basics and practicing them until they become routine,” Luci Gabel says. It is this concept that drove her to start her own business, LuciFit LLC, which offers online fitness and weight loss programs, classes and personal training. Luci also offers free fitness and health information through blogs and online videos.

Luci believes that fitness and health are currently gaining popularity around the world. “It’s our time to step up to the plate and really make a difference,” she says of the fitness industry. She believes fitness professionals can do this by holding themselves to the highest standards and being the best professional they can be. Her favorite quote, the Nike® motto, coincides with this belief: “Just do it.”

When Luci works out on her own, she enjoys yoga, Pilates, TRX® and strength training. “Strength training is a secret weapon for longevity, anti-aging and fighting weight gain,” she insists. Luci also loves strength training because “you don’t need anything fancy to get a good strength workout.”

Fitness Journal, Volume 10, Issue 3

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