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license to inspire

Sep 01, 2004

Parting Shot

By the end of a busy year, many of you may have spent weeks of time com- muting. You sit listlessly in traffic jams, eyes glazed over, just counting the minutes until you reach your destination. But occasionally you may get a chuckle or a lift from a clever license plate. It’s especially rewarding when you can relate to that personalized tag. A recent cross-country tour (of e-mails) helped us find at least five IDEA members who strut their fitness stuff on their cars. They don’t just walk the walk; they drive it, too!

From top left, clockwise: Olimpia Garruto, president of Olimpia’s Fitness Training Inc. in Florham Park, New Jersey, wants to “get the word out to the USA to take action and get fit!”; Eric Su, owner of Goality, in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, fused the words goals and reality to inspire clients to “turn fitness goals into reality”; George Carley, owner of Fit Stop in St. Michaels, Maryland, urges clients to “make a Fit Stop—your body will love it!”; and Lisa Stone, president of Fit For 2 in the Atlanta area, customizes high-energy group fitness programs for pregnant women and new moms. Above: Valerie Marshall of Aliso Viejo, California, says her plate was intended to read “Live Fitness,” but most people think it says “Love Fitness.” “Either way, it expresses my passion!” she says.

Fitness Journal, Volume 1, Issue 2

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