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Let’s Move: The First Lady Discusses Physical Activity

Apr 21, 2011

I remember when I was a kid, all my friends and I wanted to do after school was run around outside until dinner. And even then, we didn’t really want to come inside. But now, with video games, the Internet and entire TV networks geared toward kids, there’s a lot more competition for our children’s free time. And as we’ve seen more and more, when kids aren’t active, they’re less likely to grow up healthy—and it’s a significant factor in our country’s building epidemic of childhood obesity.

Kids are moving all over the country, from schools to our greatest national parks. Families have joined in as we reach for our goal of 1 million Americans to take the PALA Challenge. With this program, everyone, from a pre-schooler to grandma and grandpa, can earn the President’s Active Lifestyle Award with just an hour a day of physical activity for kids and 30 minutes for adults. So we’re working to set good habits that can continue long after the challenge is over.

Plus, gyms have introduced family days with fun activities for the kids, and neighborhoods all across the country have broken ground on new playgrounds and parks for families.

Let’s Move! isn’t just the name of an initiative. Those two little words are a call to action—something we want kids to say more and more. Because playing around shouldn’t be something they feel like they have to do—it should be something they want to do. The more they dance, the more they kick around the soccer ball with friends, chances are they’re going to want to keep doing it even more.

That’s what we’re working toward—a future where kids are having fun, feeling better about themselves, and on the road to a healthier future.

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