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Kurt Gillon

May 13, 2013

Member Spotlight

Member Since 2009 | Atlanta, Georgia

“I work tirelessly to provide my clients, friends, family and social media contacts with training and health and fitness information, as well as encouraging them to believe in themselves and take pride in who they are,” says personal trainer Kurt Gillon. He does this through concentrating on his education and on working with his clients to get them the results they want.

Kurt enjoys teaching TRX® and BOSU® classes. “If you can do it on the ground, you can do it on the dome,” he says. He rounds out his equipment arsenal with the Kamagon® ball and the Lebert Equalizer™ and Buddy System™. He also enjoys teaching group fitness classes to members of his church.

Kurt encourages fitness professionals to attend conferences and meet other professionals. He thinks conferences are a great way to get CECs. He also suggests finding a good mentor, “someone you can talk to and one who is willing to give you proper guidance in your fitness endeavors.”

Fitness Journal, Volume 10, Issue 5

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