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Challenging times can initiate feelings of distress and unease among employees. But instead of operating from fear, suggests Terry Barber, vice president and senior strategist for Grizzard Communication Group, those in management should choose a more inspirational path. “Focusing on raising the inspiration factor through developing people yields incredible value for stakeholders, customers and employees alike,” states Barber. But how do you up your inspiration levels? Barber offers seven steps for inspiring your employees:

1. Be Authentic. Acknowledge weaknesses and develop partnerships with employees to create strategies for overcoming those weaknesses.

2. Elevate Employees. Discover your employees’ aspirations and work to help them achieve success. Be creative in aligning their tasks for today with their dreams for tomorrow.

3. Discover Hidden Talent. Observe your employees and uncover buried skills. Look for ways to bring that aptitude out through training and support.

4. Be Credible. Avoid operating out of fear while claiming the opposite.

5. Tell Motivating Stories. Offer tales of inspiration to elevate employees’ moods and drive.

6. Create Balance. Remind employees that work is only part of the picture. Help them create a vision statement for life first and job second.

7. Foster a Culture of Inspiration. Become a teacher committed to excellence and character development.

To learn more about creating a positive working environment, read “Building Corporate Culture,” by Peter Twist, MSc, in the February 2007 issue of IDEA Trainer Success.

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