IDEA Career Guide to Launch May 10!

Industry News: IDEA’s new career portal will provide a free one-stop resource for content, certification guidance and numerous practical tools for fitness professionals in all stages of career development.

When you started in the fitness industry, what would you have given to have access to a well-organized treasure trove of career advice prepared by experts? What about resources and tools developed with the feedback of experienced professionals? Would having access to the most comprehensive, clickable guide to certification and training organizations ever assembled in one place have made your decision-making process clearer? No doubt it would have significantly focused your career trajectory. You likely could have saved a lot of time and perhaps even prevented a few missteps along the way.

Fortunately, such a resource is about to be unveiled! For the past 3 years IDEA’s content and Web development teams have been researching and building what is arguably the most relevant and useful career center for the entire fitness industry, period. And it launches next Tuesday, May 10! Whether you or someone you know is contemplating a path in fitness; whether you are newly certified and wondering what your next steps are; or whether you have been in the industry for a while but are looking for a new challenge or direction, the IDEA Career Guide offers you a wealth of content and tools.

“Having a mentor is essential to maturing as a polished professional,” says IDEA executive director Kathie Davis. “But in the absence of a mentor, the IDEA Career Guide provides numerous resources organized in one place that provide answers to essential questions about the industry and that help people in all stages of a fitness career to plan—or to change—their path. It’s the most logical cache of tools we could have built to help everyone in the industry grow professionally. We’ve been humbled by the amount of work it took to organize all of this information into a single, accessible resource, but we’re thrilled to deliver it for all to use!”

Watch your e-mail next week for the launch announcement and link to this new and exciting FREE product from IDEA!

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July 2009

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