The Internship Connection

by Mary Monroe on Jan 01, 2000

careers BY MARY MONROE f you haven't hired an intern (or been one yourself), you may be in the dark about one of the world's most effective employment networks. Whether your goal is to hire or be hired, fitness internship programs offer a rare opportunity: the chance to "test-drive" a new job or job prospect at minimal cost to you. Although internships require a significant investment of time, your effort is likely to pay off nicely; in general, internships make it easier for everyone to successfully clear the hurdles of the hiring game. How Internships Work i The Internship Connection F it n e ss in t e r n sh ip s bri dge t h e g a p b e t w e e n a c ademi c p r in c ip le s a n d t h e r eal - l i fe n e e d s o f t h e jo b market. Most internships are based in universities, where student interns are offered hands-on training, usually with a number of academic credits attached. Many university programs make internships mandatory for graduation. Because of the practical advantages of internships, some fitness businesses are also beginning to develop their own programs for fitness professionals who have some industry knowledge (from a certification program, for example, or even the businesses' own training programs) but need practical working experience. Here are some examples of successful fitness internship programs:

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