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by Joy Keller on Nov 01, 2005


Research your members' needs and create a special class just for them.

East Side Athletic Club in Clackamas, Oregon, offers Karma Kidz yoga class to its littlest members. In this special brand of yoga, children ages 3–6 imitate animals and play games that include creative expressions and “freeze” dancing. “The class is full with 14 children,” says IDEA member Selena M. Moffitt, group fitness coordinator. “Our instructor has the patience of an angel! The kids seem to enjoy themselves, and I have had many compliments from parents. We hope to see the children benefit from yoga as they grow!”

Moffitt says the club is also offering a yoga class for kids between the ages of 7 and 11 called Karma Tweenz, that focuses on building positive self-image, balance, flexibility and mind-body awareness.

Patricia Moreno teaches IntenSati at Equinox Fitness Club in New York. The workout begins with a “mindful meditation” in which participants set personal goals or intentions. This is followed by a “cardio lower-body blast,” which features exercises that “reshape the lower body while keeping the heart rate at a fat-burning level.” Next, a series of lower-body yoga postures focuses on flexibility and balance. The class comes full circle and ends with a guided meditation.

Men’s Cycle has a faithful following at Pilates Body by Valentin in Dublin, California. Six to eight men regularly attend this Pilates class, which has its roots in an indoor cycling group. According to Valentin, who owns the studio and is also an instructor, participants are “dedicated students with the knowledge of Pilates traditional terminology and Pilates contemporary moves.”

Class includes a light cardio warm-up on the jumpboard with a variety of footwork, single leg work, abdominal exercises and specified choreography. The moves emphasize hip, knee and foot alignment, which is an important aspect of cycling training. Then the focus moves to core stabilization using various pieces of equipment, including a tower, reformer and combo chair. The hour-plus class ends with stretches for the lower back and hamstrings. “It often takes a while for the guys to position their bodies and legs into the correct positions, but they realize the benefit,” Valentin says.

Lake Norman YMCA in Charlotte, North Carolina, gives members a taste of two worlds with Wind and Warrior. This class begins with a 40- to 45-minute indoor cycling journey “to explore your cardiovascular limits” and ends with a 45-minute yoga class.

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