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Imagine the Possibilities

by Edwin R. Rigsbee on Jan 01, 2001

Working solo may not be a win-win situation for owners and managers. Why not try partnering?

In my books on partnering and strategic alliances, I talk about “synergistic possibilities.” This concept means taking one plus one and getting three or more, rather than the expected two. In my own life, I often catch myself doing something solo rather than teaching or working with another individual on how to do the task as partners. Naturally, I think it is easier and quicker to just do it myself. In the long run, though, this belief proves that I am taking the wrong path. Working with and teaching others takes understanding and patience. Unfortunately, too few leaders exhibit these virtues.

As you may have guessed, my recommended paradigm or solution to your everyday business challenges is partnering. Shrink your daily load by examining both external and internal partnering possibilities. First, look at all the inside possibilities: Can you build stronger alliances with your employees? If you can achieve this goal, the result will be an accelerated sense of emotion in the success of your business by your co-workers. Second, look at the outside possibilities: Can you build stronger alliances with your customers, competitors, suppliers and other individuals? If you can achieve this goal, consider what might happen —better buying opportunities with suppliers, more collaborative projects with competitors, increased loyalty among customers.

Partnering is not for everybody. Some people just cannot let go. They have a desperate need to control all aspects of all business. They cannot see the opportunities available. If you are one of these people, be careful, because you may be destined to go it alone forever. You will complain about the behavior of others and become more and more frustrated in your everyday business (and personal) life.

When you are willing to do the front-end work and build solid alliances, the world is your oyster. Everywhere you look, you will see partnering possibilities. Your challenge then is to select your partners well and focus on what matters to you and your business the most. Slowly, you will find your plate less loaded with things that others could easily do. You will find time to explore business and personal opportunities rather than spending your precious time solving crises.

Now is the time to select your path. Choose partnering. Good leaders work with others. They see and honor different points of view. They remain flexible when things do not turn out as intended. While the view may be magnificent, it is also very lonely at the top.

IDEA Fitness Manager, Volume 13, Issue 1

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