IDEA's Top Articles for Men's Health

Jun 02, 2014

In honor of Men's Health Month we have put together IDEA's top articles related to men's health. Learn how vigorous exercise can help men protect their hearts, why offering male-only weight loss programs is important and why middle-aged men should be extra wary of their cholesterol levels.

3 Hours Of Exercise Per Week Cuts Men’s Heart Health Risk

According to a study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise (2011; 43 [10], 1884–90) men who get at least 3 hours of vigorous-intensity exercise per week can reduce myocardial infarction risk by as much as 22%.

Gender-Based Weight Loss Programs Best For Men?

Offering more male-friendly approaches to weight loss could increase participation, research finds.

High Cholesterol Riskier In Middle-Age For Men Than For Women

Middle-aged men with high cholesterol levels are more likely to experience a first-time heart attack than their female counterparts, study finds.

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