IDEA's Editors Want to Hear From You

Nov 19, 2008

  • Group fitness instructors: Did your mother’s or daughter’s involvement in fitness influence your decision to become an instructor? Are you part of a mother-daughter teaching team? How does your relationship complement your fitness career? Please e-mail

  • Have you been seriously ill or seriously injured while you worked as a fitness pro? If so, how did you handle your career or clients during this trying time? We'd like to hear about your experience. Please e-mail IDEA contributing editor April Durrett at

  • How is the current economic situation affecting you and your business, if at all? How is your client base reacting to economic news, and what strategies are you using to stay upbeat? Please e-mail

  • Personal trainers: Do you offer one-on-one sessions for moms and new babies? Or do you allow babies to attend a new mom's training session? We'd like to hear about your experiences. Please e-mail April Durrett at

  • Managers: Does your company offer you flex time? How do you define flex time? Is this something you're looking for in a managerial position? Please e-mail April Durrett at adurrett@cox.met.



IDEA Fit Tips, Volume 6, Issue 4

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