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IDEA Stats: How Do You Set Your Fees?

by Patricia Ryan, MS on Jul 01, 2004


Data from the 2003 IDEA Programs & Equipment Survey reveal how other facilities are handling member payment models and additional program charges.

Fee-for-service models are preferred by 57% of IDEA members who responded to the 2003 IDEA Fitness Programs & Equipment Survey. Even those who use a membership dues model are charging for some programs.

These were the options offered on the questionnaire:

  • annual membership dues access all programs offered

  • annual membership dues plus separate fee for some classes or programs

  • pay for individual session/class or “package” of sessions or classes

There was a good showing of the total respondents in the “other” category, and they most often reported monthly dues. Multiple choices were accepted, and some respondents reported a variety of options.

Who Is Likely to Charge Extra?

A few years ago, businesses with a dues model began charging for branded programs (for example, group strength choreographed to music); equipment-based (for example, indoor cycles); or specialty formats (yoga or Pilates). However, this year these are not the formats appearing on the list. It appears many businesses simply include several group programs as part of dues or packages.

IDEA Fitness Manager, Volume 16, Issue 4

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About the Author

Patricia Ryan, MS

Patricia Ryan, MS IDEA Author/Presenter

Patricia Ryan is the Vice President of Education for the International Council on Active Aging, which is headquartered in Vancouver, BC.