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IDEA’s Editors Want to Hear From You

Jun 24, 2008

  • What kind of business card do you have? How have you made it memorable, yet professional? What kind of graphics or photos do you think are appropriate on business cards? Have you done away with paper business cards due to the rise of the Internet? Please send your thoughts to IDEA contributing editor April Durrett at
  • Wanted: personal training experts who’d like to occasionally contribute to the “Tricks of the Trade” column in IDEA Fitness Journal. Please e-mail your name, business name, city/state/province, areas of expertise, populations you work with and anything about your background or business that makes you unique to: IDEA contributing editor April Durrett at           
  • How are you Inspiring the World to Fitness? Are your clients obese, disabled or just starting to exercise after years of sedentary living? We want to hear how you are motivating, challenging and retaining clients on a long-term basis. Detail the specifics of your program and client(s), along with your name and contact information. If your success story is compelling and unique, we may use it in a future issue or on the Inspire the World to Fitness® section of the website. E-mail



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