IDEA Personal Trainer Institute™ Heads West

by Mary Monroe on Jan 31, 2013

The world’s leading education conference for personal trainers comes to the Pacific Northwest for the first time May 2–5, 2013, in Seattle.

This year you don’t have to be on the East Coast to experience the top educational conference in the personal training industry. The longest-running conference exclusively for personal trainers, the IDEA Personal Trainer Institute has sold out for 4 years in a row on the East Coast. Now this in-demand event is expanding to the Pacific Northwest.

“Since the phenomenon of personal training first began to revolutionize the fitness industry, this conference has set the educational standard for what it means to be a personal training professional,” says Aprile Peishel, MA, IDEA director of event programming. “We’re happy to bring this experience to the West Coast so more trainers can benefit from it.”

IDEA Personal Trainer Institute—West will draw the world’s leading trainers, presenters and educators to Seattle, May 2-5, for 4 days of intensive, in-depth, hands-on education designed to take trainers to the next level in their career or business. “Trainers go home with the newest ideas, programs and techniques, which they can use immediately with their clients,” says Peishel. “Often trainers use these skills and approaches to expand into new markets and generate additional revenue. One of the most important benefits of the event is motivational. By meeting the most inspirational leaders in the industry, trainers get inspired—personally and professionally—to have greater confidence, try different things, and reach for new goals in their work and in their lives. It can be life-changing, and trainers pass that life-changing experience on to their clients—so the impact of this event can be felt in communities around the world.”

The conference will feature more than 90 educational sessions covering the foundational aspects of training, advanced techniques and today’s top industry trends, making it the most comprehensive curriculum of professional trainer education available anywhere. You can earn up to 20 CECs and learn new strategies in leading-edge areas of nutrition, wellness, specific-population programming, and business and career development.

Many sessions are all-new—they have never been presented before.

Unlike many industry events, IDEA Personal Trainer Institute—West offers small session sizes so that attendees can enjoy a more focused and personalized educational experience. And with extended session lengths of 2–3 hours, delegates can take advantage of comprehensive, in-depth learning opportunities. There will be three preconference workshops offering intensive course work and a certificate of completion. Conference fun during the high-energy, action-packed weekend includes Friday Night Networking Happy Hour, a chance to meet fellow trainers who share your passion for inspiring healthier lives.

Note: Since this conference has consistently sold out on the East Coast, and event and session attendance is limited in order to preserve the quality of instruction, early registration is strongly recommended.

Get Ahead of the Training Trends

Are you able to keep your training fresh? When was the last time you reinvented yourself and your business? In personal training, maintaining the status quo just doesn’t work. Keeping ahead of new industry trends and information is a prerequisite for staying competitive.

“Personal training is a young industry that’s always changing,” says Peishel. “It’s impossible to keep up with it unless you’re proactive with education. Trainers come to the IDEA Personal Trainer Institute because they want to find out what’s ahead. It isn’t just that they want to make sure they can offer their clients the most current information—they also want to know what’s coming so they have plenty of time to plan and take advantage of new directions and trends.”

One key area in training today is metabolic conditioning. Says presenter Len Kravitz, PhD, “At IDEA Personal Trainer Institute—West, I will expose the many myths and misconceptions about metabolic training, including the aerobic and anaerobic metabolic constructs, and give attendees the most up-to-date science on this often-misunderstood but critical area for personal training. Attendees will take home practical, research-based programs that have been shown to enhance cardiorespiratory or anaerobic conditioning.”

Says presenter Chuck Wolf, MS, “My purpose at IDEA Personal Trainer Institute—West is for you to differentiate yourself from your competition by going beyond knowing exercises or anatomy—to unravel the complexities of human movement based on gravity, mass and momentum, and ground reaction forces. I want you to learn how to customize programs for your clients’ limitations, compensations and idiosyncrasies, and develop a rationale of not only what, when and how to do a movement pattern, but why!”

A variety of wellness and nutrition areas will be hot topics at IDEA Personal Trainer Institute—West, as will sought-after training areas such as small-group programs, express workouts, and specialized programs for older adults and youth. “Our theme is Training With a Purpose, and that refers to the purpose you bring with you into each client session and the purpose that differentiates your work in the marketplace,” says Peishel.

What sets you apart and will cause clients to seek you out, instead of another trainer? At this conference you’ll find answers and ideas on how to innovate and avoid complacency.

Presenter Hayley Hollander, a master trainer for TRX®, notes three top trends: small-group personal training; integrating biofeedback to provide purpose, achievable goals, instant rewards and consistency; and understanding client behavior and communication in order to implement individualized strategies. “These are trends that any fitness professional can capitalize on to succeed,” says Hollander. “The purpose most trainers should have in mind is to listen to clients. What do they like? What do they want? What will make them feel important, capable and confident so they ultimately have ownership in the programming process?”

The Secret to Thriving

For personal trainers who have attended the IDEA Personal Trainer Institute in the past, the experience has been invaluable. Says Fola Ademoye of London, “I gained so much knowledge that I will be able to take my personal training work from a part-time income to a very successful thriving business. What I enjoyed most was the generosity and professionalism of all the presenters, the range of sessions, the quality of the hotel, and the efficiency of the IDEA team.”

Susan Sams-Grohoski, CSCS, of Lighthouse Integrated-Fitness Experience in Woodbridge, Virginia, says, “With 10 years of personal training experience, I still found a great deal to learn from the knowledgeable speakers, who showed how to take conventional exercise patterns and mix them up into interesting and varied forms.” Mixing it up is important, she says, because it enables her to “bring the fun factor to my clients.”

Washington, DC, trainer Kimberly Linton says of the conference, “Having that feeling of ‘one focus’ at an event was powerful, and you could feel it as you walked around and connected with people. . . . I have found over the last 18 years that this is a tough business. But having an organization like IDEA as a constant resource, I have been able to thrive while others have left the industry.”

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