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Jun 01, 2003


New Book Helps You Reach Women

IDEA has just released several new Resource Book collections of past articles, conveniently gathered in one place to make it easy for you to find answers to your questions. As the articles in this issue note, women are an important population to reach.

Inspiring Women to Fitness. Part of IDEA’s Inspire the World to Fitness campaign, this guide focuses on the special concerns and exercise goals of women. It starts you off with effective programs and practical ways to communicate. Then you can advance by addressing special issues like weight management, body image, pregnancy, menopause and breast cancer. Learn how to support women during exercise. Resource Book. C899026. IDEA members, $15. Nonmembers, $25.

More Resource Books

Also recently released are two collections of particular interest to personal trainers:

Advanced Sports Conditioning. Move into the more advanced concepts of movement analysis, testing and physiology. The emphasis is on training modalities like medicine balls, yoga and water. Learn how to apply these to cardio, strength/power and winter sports. A special section on sports nutrition is included. Resource Book. C899024. IDEA members, $15. Nonmembers, $25.

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Personal Training. Do you dream of starting your own business? Whether you are opening a gym or visiting clients’ homes, your success depends on your financial planning, risk management, staff, marketing and sales. This quick guide to key areas gets you started with successful startup models. Resource Book. C899025. IDEA Members, $15. Nonmembers, $25.

Workout for Charity on July 20

“Zenergy Hour” is the theme of IDEA’s Annual Charity Workout on Sunday, July 20, at the IDEA World Fitness & Personal Trainer Convention® in Anaheim, California. The charity workout is an extremely popular fund-raiser where everyone has a great time for a good cause. Lawrence Biscontini, Moira Merrithew and Cathie Murakami will guide participants through different mind-body disciplines, including yoga, t’ai chi, Pilates, chi kung, meditation and relaxation. All proceeds will go to the National AIDS Fund. Donate $10 or more and receive a commemorative T-shirt.

Lessons Learned by Mariel Hemingway: Keynote, 2003 IDEA West Coast Yoga Conference®

Actress and long-time yoga practitioner Mariel Hemingway will deliver the closing keynote address on July 16 at the 2003 IDEA West Coast Yoga Conference. Inspired by her book Finding My Balance, Mariel’s remarks will explore the practice of being present. Through yoga postures, talk, laughter and her own story of finding balance, Mariel will help you understand your own process. Join Mariel and see if the practice of being present will lead you closer to beginning your personal journey of self-discovery.

The IDEA West Coast Yoga Conference will be held in Anaheim, California, July 15 to 16, 2003. If you are a fitness professional who wishes to learn more about yoga and how you can implement it into your existing classes, this intensive conference is for you. The 2-day event features 11 presenters and 21 sessions on the following topics: Yogic Arts: Awareness in Action (a blend of vinyasa yoga and martial arts); Yoga Perspectives: The Foot, Arch and Ankle; Yoga for Upper-Body/ Lower-Body Strength; Yoga for Older Students; Yoga Anatomy and Practice: Upper and Lower Body; Yoga for Kids; Breath: The Core of Power Yoga; Shoulder Openers; Preventing and Dealing With Yoga Injuries; Yoga for Stress Reduction; Yoga for Mothers; Mindful Yoga and Meditation; Stabilizing the Spine; Warrior Stance Salutations; and Core Yoga.

The faculty, consisting of experts accomplished in all types and aspects of yoga, includes Duncan Wong; Donna Cheema, MEd; Roger Cole, PhD; Lauren Eirk; Suza Francina; Julie Gudmestad, PT; Pamela Hollander, MA; Dana Rae Paré; Geo Takoma; and Brenda Winston. For more information on IDEA’s third yoga conference, call IDEA member services at (800) 999-4332, ext. 7, or, (858) 535-8979, ext. 7, or visit



IDEA Health Fitness Source, Volume 2004, Issue 6

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