IDEA Member Spotlight

Jul 25, 2008

Cameron Bradford
Scottsdale, Arizona
Member Since 2005

Cameron Bradford is an extreme-fitness and sports conditioning specialist and the owner of Fitness Delivery. His main goal when working with clients is to show them that fitness not only has benefits for the “here and now” but also has implications as clients age. “Generally speaking, being involved in fitness will allow all of us to have a more comfortable and enjoyable life when approaching retirement and beyond,” he says. When not working with extreme-fitness enthusiasts, Bradford shares his time with a special population in dire need of a good role model: “Once a month I aim to volunteer at events where I can be a positive and encouraging influence to children who have been neglected or abused.”


Shannon Fable
Boulder, Colorado
Member Since 2003

Shannon Fable is the ultimate cheerleader. Whether she’s championing her team to create innovative classes that entice the hesitant exerciser or leading colleagues through the latest and greatest in cycling or step, Fable does it all with a bright smile and motivating cues. “I Inspire the World to Fitness® by challenging myself and my staff to create classes that make people feel successful, regardless of ability level or goals,” she says. Fable also believes that fitness professionals are in a unique position to effect change. “Instructors and trainers have an amazing amount of influence over how people start their day, end their day or make it through their day.”

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