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IDEA Member Spotlight

Feb 19, 2009

Trina Gray
Alpena, Michigan
Member Since 2005

Trina Gray, owner of Bay Athletic Club in Alpena, Michigan, finds that her job is to be a catalyst for others, who then carry the torch on to help even more people find joy in fitness. "In my boot camps, I love seeing fitness enthusiasts encourage the newcomers," she smiles. "Pretty soon, the newcomers become the enthusiasts, and it just keeps growing!" She also takes great pleasure in helping inhabitants of her hometown. "I live in a small community where getting involved is what we all do," she says. "My business was the lead sponsor for the first ever Walk for Women in our area, raising more than $20,000 for breast cancer early-detection screening."

Margaret Hofmann-Nein, MEd
Columbus, Ohio
Member Since 1996

Margaret Hofmann-Nein, owner of Female Athletes First LLC, specializes in providing sports performance enhancement programs to female athletes. "It is a personal mission of mine to get the most up-to-date training practices, protocols, and health and wellness information to female athletes around the globe." While there is a great deal of solid information available, Hofmann-Nein finds that much of it has the potential to derail an athlete's success. "We want to educate the female athlete, her parents and her coaches about how and when to start a conditioning program for her sport," she says. "[We seek to] help the female athlete be all she can be in her chosen sport."

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