IDEA Member Spotlight

Jan 22, 2009

Meet Some Outstanding Members Who Inspire the World to Fitness®!

Ian McGriff
Columbus, Indiana
Member Since 2006

Ian McGriff, fitness director and personal trainer, attempts to impact his clients on a variety of levels. “I try to Inspire the World to Fitness by setting an example of what it means to be a healthy individual physically, mentally and spiritually,” he says. “I try to teach those I work with not only how to improve their bodies, but their lives overall.” He does this by helping others find motivational tools such as books, movies and quotations to influence behavior in and out of the gym. “I also try to reach those who I do not get a chance to work with by creating fun in-house contests, writing articles and getting information out any way I can.”

Erik Fredrickson
East Hampton, New York
Member Since 2001

“When I work with clients, I always learn about [them as people] before we start any kind of goal setting or program,” says Erik Fredrickson, owner and president of Prana Fit Inc. “I find out their hobbies, their daily grind and what hurdles they’ve had with making lasting lifestyle changes.” Erik then uses this information to develop programs that inspire and promote a sense of self-efficacy. He also believes in shaking things up a bit to provide workouts that keep clients interested and consistently challenged. “One day I may be working with someone on the beach using the ocean waves to train the core, while another day I may strap on a backpack and head down a nature trail.”

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