IDEA Member Spotlight

Dec 16, 2008

Meet Some Outstanding Members Who Inspire the World to Fitness®!

Jud Felder
La Jolla, California
Member Since 1998

"I believe I inspire people to fitness through positive reinforcement," says Jud Felder, personal trainer and massage therapist. "Most people enjoy hearing how much they have improved, and will continue to train hard if you encourage them." He is a major proponent of the benefits of positive self-talk. So much so that he regularly uses it for himself and insists that his clients do the same. Felder also believes that fitness can offer discipline for those who struggle with moving forward on a positive path. "Throughout life we are constantly faced with temptation—both good and bad," he says. "Someone who has learned discipline is more likely to resist temptations that could interfere with [his or her] training."

Paul Katami
Hollywood, California
Member Since 2005

"When I teach fitness classes or train with clients, I want to feel like a good friend who is sharing something healthy and valuable versus just being an instructor or a drill sergeant," says Paul Katami, group fitness manager and instructor, personal trainer and Katamibar creator. He firmly believes that it is this style of training that helps foster a holistic, "life-of-health-and-wellness" mentality. "I think that my most valuable recent experience was taking my Katamibar program to the U.S. Marine Corps fitness centers at Camp Pendleton, California," he recalls. "The marines were so great and inviting, and they really understood the value of fitness in terms of training to keep themselves ready for action."

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