How to Manage Social Media on a Crazy Schedule

by: Ashley Ray

Social Media

Use these simple tools, apps and ideas to stay connected with online fans and followers despite even the busiest of schedules.

These days, in order to develop a successful fitness business, it’s important to be as present online as you are offline. However, your schedule is not exactly 9–5, and it doesn't always involve sitting in front of a computer. Your office is a gym. If you’re sitting, you’re most likely lifting weights or consulting with a client. While many business owners can log on and manage their social accounts while at work, the erratic and hectic schedule of a fitness pro makes this much more difficult.

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IDEA Trainer Success, Volume 11, Issue 4

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About the Author

Ashley Ray

Ashley Ray IDEA Author/Presenter

Social media consultant and owner of Emergent Social Solutions, a social media management company that works with businesses to help them “be emergent” online through social media.